A technology created by Tandem Diabetes Care is possible to be used with various insulin pumps and sensors. This appliance allows people diagnosed with diabetes to adjust their treatment, along with insulin levels. Recently it has confirmed safe use by the FDA. People will be able to buy it in January 2020.

This device is named Control-IQ and was designed by Tandem Diabetes Care. Its main feature is that the device connects with the sensors of the blood glucose, as well as with insulin pumps and instantly decreases, increases or just stops the supply of insulin. But this works only for people that have diabetes Type 1. Thanks to this software, people no longer need to give themselves the needed dose of insulin, it will be given automatically and when needed by the device.

The main thing that differs this technology from others on the market is that it has a function that provides a corrective dose of insulin right away, but only when it finds out that the person’s blood sugar levels are too high. But, some other companies are also testing out such features.

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