Spotify application is interested in making more people like podcasts, which is why it is simplifying the procedure of looking for a one that you will like even easier. In a couple of days, a new button will be added to the app’s homepage that will help to choose topics in which people are interested and after the app will create a list with podcasts that are most suitable for the user.

But this feature will be added only to the Spotify users of certain countries. The company hopes that this will increase the popularity of podcasts in those countries.

Moreover, the Spotify’s search will be based not only on the preferences of the users, but also on the place of the person’s residence and on what types of podcasts are locally famous. The release of this features is tightly connected to the fully automated and individual playlists. The main idea is to offer people new podcasts that they will fall in love with instantly and a new update on the Alexa device, so that it will be able to answer listener’s questions about desired podcasts.

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