Recently, Snapchat has launched a new filter that allows its users to put on a cat face and look alike with them. People began to record videos with this filter and their cats and post in on their personal pages. And just imagine that those videos are ranked the highest in the cute cat video charts. Moreover, these videos are a nice proof of the fact that kittens have great cognition, and of course, are very cute and sweet.

The reason why there is so much talk over these cat clips is that in those videos the cats look at the phone, get confused and then look at their owner’s face as if they know that something is going on and that on the screen they must see the face of their owner and not another kitten. These clips lead to the fact that cats have great cognitive awareness. But this definitely doesn’t mean that they are able to go through the mirror test. Get more to know about on

Because of this filter and the kitty clips, scientists began to dig deeper into the cognitive field of study. They also began to carry out some experiments to see whether dogs react the same as cats on the filter.


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